Fixing a Shotgun, Rifle or Handgun like a Choke Tube

Scrub out your gun Use Bor-Solv supreme and bore with the dimensions Phosphor bronze brush bore solvent. If used eliminate residue and all powder fouling, this will. A Bristle brush might be preferred as being made of hair it is hydroscopic. This fact will help this brush keep more of the bore chemical of it and for a period that is longer. In certain applications a brush may be an improvement over a phosphor bronze brush. This method is now used in Europe. This will remove all the contaminated solvent. Adding a patch us the split jag and longitudinally to the split and then rotating the patch in your hand and twist the pole being used. Always check the room if there is powder residue around the cone and when cleaning utilizes a Chamber brush deal to remove residue build up.

Choke Tubes

Next oil the gun bores by using a sterile Wool mop and a few liberally employed Rangoon oil. Rangoon being slow and stubborn evaporating oil bore to be stowed away for longer periods. Wash the wool out mop with warm water. Then we suggest that you keep the mop and when the mop is in oil that is clean. When keeping your rifle remember to relieve the tension of the main springs by adding the right set of Snap caps and dry firing the gun. Then after if you set up a Muzzle stuffer this will with the snap caps in place not only keep the petroleum vapor in the barrel but will keep out the dirt and protect the finish of the barrels against harm in your gun cabinet

Before shooting the gun again it is necessary to eliminate all trace components of oil. Oil in the barrel could rival the barrel walls as a result of conversion procedure that is hydraulic. Eliminate using jag and a patch until its clean turning over the patch. Always check the room and if there is powder residue around the cone that is forcing eliminate it. Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center advises you to not induce a Payne Galway type room brush down the barrel because this sort may damage the gun and of brush will come. When cleaning a gun or pistol use the exact same technique to get a shotgun except replace the split brass jag for a Diamond jag and change limitation to the organic flannel type Rifle patch. To utilize the diamond jag rotate until the patch and put the jag diagonally has wound around the jag. Unroll a little of this patch at a time, rewind and trim before the hindrance diameter is obtained if the jag is too large for the bore in diameter.