Many people think that by keeping their eyelash extensions safe from water can keep it on for longer, but it is not true and has opposite effect! The lash extensions may fall off prematurely while you avoid cleansing it. Always avoid water for first 24hours and as per the lash technician’s instructions – but this does not mean you must not get it wet forever! Let us know how to clean eyelash extensions in a right way.

It is very important that you cleanse the lash extensions. The improper cleansing and avoiding cleansing can cause several problems that will result in the lashes not lasting very long. Not cleansing correctly or regularly leads to the potential infections; poor lash health or growth, irritations, as well as lash mites.

When Should Your Clean Your Lash Extensions?

Suppose you have the oily eyelids, you must clean the lash extensions every day. Same goes true to people who make use of eye makeup wearers. You need to clean the lashes twice and three times in a week in case you do not have these issues. When you engage in the physical activities such as swimming, and gym sessions, you need to clean the lash extensions afterward. Also, you must not wet the extensions in 48 hours of application. The extensions cure with a little time & become waterproof. Certain substances like salt, oil, sweat, as well as chlorine can damage the glue that holds the lash extensions together.

When not washed properly, the dead skin cells will build up on your eyelids and can cause inflammation and itchiness. It means that your eyes or eyelids may feel itchy, block your hair follicles, as well as end up looking red and sore. So, you will end up itching the eyes & playing with the extensions and they will start to fall out.