Silk Kaftans – Creating a Global Fashion Statement

Kaftans are believed to have Originated from present day Turkey, Syria and Iraq, which were called Mesopotamia, also called the Cradle of Civilization in early times. To put it simply, it is a long loose garment with long sleeves, more like a robe, and can be tied at the waist with a sash or belt. They may be made from wool and cashmere also, but silk and cotton are more common and widely used. They can be worn by both women and men, at any time of the day. They supply the most comfortable feeling for a woman’s body. They may be glamorous and comfortable at the same time. The most significant quality of a kaftan is that it looks appealing on all body shapes and sizes. If you are a wee bit overweight, wearing it is the ideal way to hide those extra pounds. They can be short or long and you can select one that meets your requirements.

A conventional one can be converted into a halter or a strapless dress with a tiny holding and finesse which makes it the ultimate bit of convertible clothing. It is the one outfit that is existed for centuries and is worn all over the planet so far, making a worldwide fashion statement. That clarifies the kaftan in summary. Let us talk about silk, also referred to as the Queen of fibres/textiles/fabrics. Silk is thought of as the most luxurious fibre on the marketplace today. This is because it has the ability to withstand great pulling strength, or rather it is tensile, and is thought of as the strongest natural fiber. The pure protein within the silk is responsible for the cloth’s great absorbency, thereby making it a comfy fabric to wear during the year; cool in summer and warm in winter.

As a result of the good absorbency, it is a great affinity for dyes. Once dyed, it is deemed colourfast in many conditions. It is great drapability and the suppleness of the fabric feels amazing on the skin. It is therefore natural that the marriage of the most luxurious Fibre with the most comfortable outfit would give birth to silk kaftan dress, a garment which spells luxury, elegance, class and comfort. Some of the most gorgeous clothes in the world are made from silk and this specific garment is no exception. Silk kaftans are worn throughout the planet. Although they are Regarded as of Islamic origin, they are associated with India, Russia, Southeast Asia, and West Africa. It is the ethnic wear of many countries throughout the planet. In West Africa it is known as the boubou, although the North Africans put on a jellabiya, a long flowing like robe with wide sleeves. From the Middle East and North Africa, the girls wear an abaya, a kaftan style robe, usually black in color.