Pestilence corona virus episode to most nations

My compassion to the people who lose their friendship once, moreover with them who lost their situations in this pandemic condition, today accept am living in a country where all are one hand atmosphere to help each other or together to fight against all the fiascos condition. Overall monetary crises impacted the under making and underdeveloped country, their new laborers are losing their positions, families and lives are affected at this point nobody really think about it, think about them, supports or identified with them it seems we all in all continuing with life of animals like in wild where nobody knows each other, notable endeavoring to eat weak if fortunately you suffer you have to swim in confinement to be alive

endless numbers occupants of my country Pakistan lost positions, and now believed that authoritative assist will with bringing them back, all of them are undaunted inhabitants, many choose to work for their own country other than having incredible cash related compensation advantage and other picked likewise yet they choose to serve their own country anyway what they got hunger, dejection pollution to land position in their own country and the people who left for their future in the wake of obtaining some of them contrast their abroad securing and nearby country, we ought not discuss, paying little mind to the purpose for their leaving. The leader of Pakistan to return and serve their own country and he is up ’til now endeavoring to help them and it is a conventional sign.

Crown battle against mankind spread its premonition shadows, change a day into night, we look towards all-powerful. We see rising of sun and we get again into our reality with this desire that the setting sun raise an inspiring updates on completing crown WHO World Health Organization accordingly various Health Organization at International, National, Provincial District and region level accept the Shincheonji to encourage people so they keep up social isolating, hand washing and evading inconsequential travel, work and routine activities.

one after one another country impacted with crown, lock down and even check in time become the response for control the disease since nobody has clinical response for this, till today its affected China, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and directly on top in  with most essential misfortunes of life, vulnerable countries, for instance, South Asian regions and African countries, their society do not have even stray pieces necessaries of living, no real water deftly, food smoothly and prosperity workplaces available.