The U.N . Peace Plaza Independence MO- a memorial to celebrate the efforts in peacekeeping

The U.N . Peace Plaza Independence MO is the memorial in the entire globe that is dedicated to the noble hearts, serving the peacekeeping missions of the United Nations.  The shrine was unveiled on 27thOctober 1997, and since then, it has been one of the major attractions in the entire state of Missouri, attracting a fair count of the locals and tourists visiting this place across the year. A miniature model of this statue has been installed in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

An overview of the statue

The design of the model, depicting a young girl, setting a bird to fly, resemble peace, independence, as well as advocate rights and equality. It features close similarity to the celebrated Independence Temple as well as with the LDS Visitors Centre, located in the Community of Christ. The purpose of developing this plaza was to uphold the importance and significance of maintaining a peaceful society for the betterment of mankind as well as to pay a tribute to the efforts of those, working all around the globe to restore back peace and harmony to make life all the more exciting and enjoyable. This is one site that you must visit, if you are visiting this part of the country.

What is the significance of the place in the life of locals?

This statue and the plaza have become an integral part of the daily life of the people of this city. This site is opted for celebrating various occasions that has got a global significance. Celebration at such a site delivers the message of a combined effort to make the world a peaceful and safe place and to ensure the rights of all. Foundation Pier Repair in Independence MO, People keep gathering here and they respectfully recall the efforts of those brave and great souls who have served as custodian of peace, not only in the us, but across the rest of the world.

Independence MO

For sure, you will love to visit this place, and meet people from all around the world, flocking at this site. The ambiance of the place is tranquil, even after thousands of people gather here on a daily basis. After a visit to this place, for sure, you will aspire to get back here at the forthcoming times as well.

The construction of the statue and the plaza speaks about the ultimate grade of excellence in craftsmanship.